the big show
by bonny cohen

no ranger camper or counselor will ever forget the high point of this years dramatic performances, the unsinkable molly brown. this gala production directed by jerry olinik and mark shangold was presented on august 13. the cast included: members of bunk 20, the c.i.t.s, the office boys, and our own ranger waiters.

unsinkable molly brown is a musical comedy which played on broadway for a long period of time. it is based on the story of an illeterate girl from hannibal, mo., who married leadville johnny brown. johnny, an irish prospecter, discovered one of the richest silver mines in colorado. molly decided to make something of herself with the money they had acquired. she tried desperately to become a big name in both french and american societies. but, alas, molly discovered that she could find true happiness living peacefully with her husband.

jane lasky was molly and richie gottlieb played jonny brown. both gave highly commendable performances. dave auerbach, our scenic director, provided magnificent backdrops for the show.

this was a performance enjoyed by the cast and the audience alike and, as ed sullivan would say, "it was a really big shew."

the cast

michael tobin
aloy sius tobin
molly tobin
patrick tobin
Shamus Tobin
Father flynn
Brawling miners

christmas morgan
bar girls
johnny leadville brown
denver police
mrs. maglone
monsignor ryan
princess dolong
prince dolong
the grand duchess marie nicholaiouna
mrs. maddington
maitre d

bobby jampol
richard smallman
jane lasky
steve mait
stuart cohen
steve tumin
steve mait, richard smallman, howie becker, howie marmel, jack ressinsky
robert cohen
debbie ludsin, wendy rosen, lori robins
richard gottlieb
howie becker, steve mait, richard smallman
audrey aron
steve tumin
jack rossinsky
beth solomon
chesna cohen
steve lang
jill Goldberg
linda tobin
ilene shulman
ronnie weinberg