Toni Epstein - A relationship that doesn't sink and the hopes that she gets the PRINCE.

Shelia Harbet - A donkey that doesn't fall apart, and a camp of her own to run and love and appreciation from 77 people.

Roslyn Brill - A swingin set to make for a happy summer and a rabbi that understands English as well as Hebrew

Nina Cohen - "Creepin Krud"! and lunch date with Harold with no strings attached

Donna Sellinger - A co-co that's a right arm and not a left foot

Thelma Zeichner - The boy from Rutgers with a deep Jersey tan and some salt water taffy.

Nancy Corwin - A stick-shift car with a recording...."Your brights are on...clutch...break!" And place on the social register next to Happy and Rock's baby.

Ellen Schnitt - Some shoes, a raze, and a practicing doctor who can buy her her own camp so that she can have her own bunk.

Ilene Becker - An AC shop that doesn't cater to people who want do-it-yourself projects and a drivers liscence that comes with a chauffeur.

Sheila Dayton - A sailfish with an automatic pilot and a nursing job in the east instead of Colorado.

Joyce the nurse - A pair of knitting needles that knit and pearl automatically and remember to knit on the knit line and not of the pearl line and to pearl on the pearl line not on the knit line. And a Mustang to replace her Caravel.

Blanche Klausner - Moofky Pofky.

Dolores Haskin - A cheek to pinch.