Marilyn Cohen - King Arthur.

Sharon Gottlieb - A lead in next years counselor show.

Helena Kass - A size 7.

Sally Drob - A fine tennis swing.

Fran Lewis - "Eight boys a week."

Norine Fisbein - A cycle built for two.

Jane Spitalnick - A call from Chipinaw.

Hedda Koslow - Hair that doesn't change colors.

Ronnie Berkowitz - Her favorite gym teacher.

Sue Breitman - A rowboat that stays on the lemon line.

Cindy Feller-The Toni Award.

Sue Strober - A walking stick.

Phyllis Schwartz - A year's supply of curl free.

Jill Ferson - A lot of cookies that multiply.

Margaret Issacs - Deli.

Dorothy Slotnick - A summer without color war.

Carol Corwin - A house by the sea.

Leslie Siegel - A plane ticket to Pittsburg.

Marcia Numan - Radar to prevent squinting, another year at Ranger as athletic director and a bunk to sleep in.

Penny Pludo - An intellectual conversation with a boy that will keep her quiet, and bunk that is as neat as she is.