Audrey Arons - A surprise visit, loosing out on the "In Crowd" - a nature boy from. Military School.

Gail Brooks - A whisper, a safe softball game, a pain in the Beck!

Leslie Heller - A slave, her own Dr, Zhivago, "that was the funniest thing I ever heard in my whole life."

Jane Lasky - Gidget goes to Kansas, follow the "Greenstone" road back to Springfield, New Jersey, "I ain't down yet" - BULL!

Sara Levine - "To Sara", an engagement ring, a date with the Cubby D. C.

Ilene Schulman - A goodnight kiss, a playmait from Gary, Indiana, three is a couple, two is a crowd.

Lois Slatin - Your business, a Rich football player, membership in the B. E. A.

And to CIT 1 we leave --- We don't MISSY and a weekend trip to Wheelock.


Lori Robins - Doris Day singing "Love me or Leave me'

Cheryl Sandler - Lessons by Richie Gottlieb.

Susan Falk - The real thing - Jerry Olinick.

Susan Klausner - An every weekend round trip ticket to Philadelphia.

Nancy Haber - A special "Enter this way quickly and Quietly" sign.

Terri Hoffman - A copy of Barbra Streisand's new release entitled, "Where the Heck do I Think I'm Going."