Bonnie Cohen - A kiss to remember from the "men with the African tan" and a Mono grammed shirt

Chesna Cohen - A midwood t-shirt from a "greene" football captain and a summers supply of cookie guts, strudel skins and red licorice

Linda Tobin - night out with the Jesse James Boys; how many "toys" fill the real one, and a jar of marmelade to be transported to Valley Stream

Beth Solomon - 2 knives to kill 2 boys and the Howie. Tell overture and a battle of ingrown for her outgrown

Marsha Rothblum -Membership in the Mickey Mouse club, the big famine, and better luck next year

Sue Satloff - The "Warsaw" ghetto, a personal pedicurist

Jill Goldberg - A "small man" to have a big time with, her own floor length mirror and the incentive to stay on a diet

Debbie Ludsin - "Two-men" to get off of her minds, and an ounce of shampoo to last a summer, and a built in ski slope

Wendy Rosen - A barrel of laughs with Howdy Doody to go with her book of 1001 excuses to be given at the fence
Lois Marks - Strike 3 - was she out? I only have eyes for you and you, and you and you........

To Bunk 20 - A friend for Peanut Butter, another world's fair to meet at, a 12 month long summer for our bunk