Diane Rosenzweig - A babbling Brooks

Patti Auerbach - A perfect pair of socks and shoes

Mona Rosner - Messenger for her answers to Bunk 16

Ellen Teich - A year's supply of Tutti-fruity

Dara Rosenblatt - A personal maid

June Tanenblatt - A pleasant disposition

Jerilyn Feldman - A book entitled "Friends, friends, friends"

Lisa Friedland - A theater for her foot shows

Robin Weinberg - A curl free hairdo

To Bunk 15 we leave Bunk 16


Jill Hinderstein - A dear Abby column of her own entitled "The philosophy of Jill"

Jane King - A Hernia

Laurie Goldin - 52 assorted colors of majic markers

Roberta Zitman - A bus ticket home

Renee Samuels - A book entitled "How to sleep your life away"

Deanna Gould - An x-ray machine

Bobbie Rubin - A good night's sleep
Marla Schaffer - A reserved seat in the AC shop

Ann Tanenblatt - A recorded announcement that says "Toni I don't feel so good"

To Bunk 16 I leave Bunk 15


Beth Lippy - An unlimited supply of excuses for next summer

Merry Krane - Her own private hairdresser and bottle of curlfree

Joan Picon - A swimsuit

Cici Schuchman - A new wardrobe without zippers


Susan Leibman - I will a foggy day and a far off ship, so that she may use her horn to bring them in

Diane Behar - An inability to have an answer for every question asked

Gale Berg - A day of larenjitis, "You know!"

Barbara Weiner - An odd day when the number is even! One day of the year so that she can be nasty

Phlysis Cohen - A second chance to "flick" a light bulb


Gailzy Grossman - All-around camper

Gail (Flor) Grossman - Too many boyfriends

Charlie Ferginbaum - Sheila Epstein

Sheila Epstein - A Sandy beach

Rith Zirin - Her own clothes

Joy Pludo - Some mischief

Penny Lynn - 4 strikes, no home runs

Matti Fagin - A Fish Off the old block