Bette Sussman - A box of curl free

Lillian Tuchman - Food glorious food

Andrea Kessler - A horse named "Whiney"

Marla Konigsberg - A summer place at the infirmary

Susan Konowitz - The boys camp

Sheri Mait - An Italian haircut that stays Donn-e

Kathy Isaacs - Chubby Cheeks and her own baby bumble bee


Missy Behar - A jar of Tang and chewable vitamins

Janis Candeub - A box of untouched candy

Marilyn Goldfarb - her own private schedule

Ilene Goldstein - the doctor

Marion Presser - The excuse "can I get some napkins"

Beverly Rubin - A machine that combs the back of her hair

Michelle Yomahan - A silent sleep and sweet dreams

To the entire bunk - A gold record of "I can't hear what you're saying"


Andrea - Free passes to go horseback riding everyday

Arleen - Meal full of dedications

Margery - A streched out white poor boy

Marsha - Tuna fish in the morning, tuna fish in the evening, tuna fish at suppertime

Nancy - A trip to Puerto Rico

Sue - A day of tetherball

Vicki - We leave Vicki "numbers"


Pearl Zylberberg - A pearl of a girl

Doreen Heller - The crust of the bread

Laurie Douglas - 40 more whole lakes

Joan Grossman - her own name tapes

Doretta Alalout - A soft voice

Robin Deck - A new tennis racket

Nancy Weiss - Jimney Cricket


Jill Braunstein - Ten Yr. Supply of sun glasses

Renay Boll - Job as permanent hair brusher

Debbie Goldstein - Equality for everyone

Susan Sussman - Hard boiled egg peeler

Amy Marks - A new pitchers mitt

Leslie Schaler - A bed of her own

Robin Solomon - New bathing suit for next years aqua show

Lynda Gottlieb - a starring role in next year's show