Jody Chimbel - A built in the motor

Stacey Stern - A hospital of her own

Lynn Epstein - Someone to wash out her Danskins

Lynn Koslow - A neat cubby

Ellen Berkowitz - A gold star

Eve Shaw - Eeek! We forgot

Mona Teich - Bunk 15

Randy Friedman - A neat bed


Maxine Boll - straight hair

Terry Epstein - A group to lead

Jill Gutterson - Ten jacks and a ball

Beth Klugman - boys

Pamela Randel - Hugs and kisses

Ronnie Stern - Grown-in bangs

Jean Weiss - A tether ball

Janet Zylberberg - Pink sneakers


Michelle Berman - Curl free bangs all year round. - That's tough.

Claudia Lack - I want to go home - Oh I don't know if I'll miss anyone - but I'm sure to come back

Lynn Friedman - Clean bed, cubby and clothes once this year

Michelle Mass - Reading a book on table manners - gourmet style

Beth Randell - Free piggy back ride each night and karate chips if you refuse

Patty Marak - Day off for her Danskins and...if you don't like it lump it

Mindy Lang - Leader of bedtime stories...after bedtime


Betty Lurie - She can't wait for later so for her, a choice of any Camp Ranger waiter

Ginger Berman - In athletics she lacks nothing at all, so for her, a portable tetherball

Amy Calmenson - She plays the guitar so happily, so for her, sheet music to "Hang on the Sloop John B."

Meri Goodman - She's so many frogs some think she's wacky, but let her name the next toad after Jackie

Bonnie Shadrin - She was in the infirmary and feeling meek - so for her, pink and blue team and another color week