Phil Forman - A teddy bear to inflict pain upon

Lenny Zavidnick - new set of antennae...for his head

Norman Weiss - A tall hat and a strong FORMAN. A trip to Gewahna

Stu Levine - A desert island equipped with whistle and megaphone

Al Bayles - A rematch with Arnie

Mitch Mazin - A chauffeur's license

Arnie Gunther - Marshal Steingold, and a package of bird seed

Don Mann - The canteen, moved 100 feet closer to home

Al Margulios - Kiddy's packages from home

Jeff Rosen - A suit of armor and asbestos underwear

Gary Sandberg - A bat, a frog, a crayfish, a snake, a mole, a squirrel, a girl - (in that order)

Mike Ray - A happy family - Ellen Michael and Andrew

Dave Shepps - A wider back seat for his car

Jerry Rackoff - An autographed picture of his chest and shoulders

Steve Hurtes - Jeff Levinson

Jess Levinson - A declaration of general sleep

Tom Wachtell - And acceptance from Smith (or Cohen)

John Hess - An engraved birth certificate (definite proof of age) and a handy pocket guide to the English constitution

Bob Davis - A diners caard and a quiet caah

Sam Taubo - The boss's job

Steve Lipsky - Old Peter Lorre movies. Ho! Ho!

Marshall Forman - A brave new world where air baths are not frowned upon

Pete Dodge - A "We try harder" button

Mark Shangold - better working conditions

Sy Kirshenbaum - A cute little phille

Jerry Olinick - experienced actors to match is endlessly experienced directing

Eddie Taylor - A Jewish face

Richie Printz - A book on "How to be Mature at 22", and an explanation

Joe Fine - An autographed picture of Peter Dodge

Dave Auerbach - A bottle of Kentucky Moonshine

Danny Brent - A pinch to grow an inch

Richie Lieberman - A high temperature

Arnie Pinsky - A years supply of corsets, paddles, and her wheelchair