Waiters 1

Paul Rouder - A voice amplifier or a voice to amplify

Howie Marmel - Some Tobin guts and elevator shoes

Bob Cohen - 50 pounds and a squad car partner

Louis Schreier - One special girls and an arsenal

Steve Lang - An Arab and a Turtle

Steve Braun - A likely excuse and a new pillow

Howie Becker - A virtuous girl

Ronnie Vogel - A full eight sedate weeks

Richie Gottlieb - "All those in favor of letting her in the B.E.A.- - - -"

Paul Greene - A silver ice cream cone

Waiters 2

Steve (Sonny) Tuman - can of hair spray - autographed picture of Johnny Mathis - his own Yale sweatshirt - a punch at Warsaw

Steve (Darren) Mait - free sailing lessons - a broken alarm clock - a good night kiss - a punch at Warsaw

Richie (Florida) Smallman - one funny joke - better relations with Gail (Florida) Grossman - a punch at Warsaw

Larry Levenson - 25 - his own Social Security number - can of foot powder - a punch at Warsaw

Howie (Shot) Boll - a hoop and a basketball - a game with Mahoge - and a girlfriend - and a punch at Warsaw - and a girlfriend - Brillo

Jack (Riggen) Rossinsky - a good dermatologist - a germ free kiss for B.C. - a good sense of humor - two punches at Warsaw - lightning bug and darkness

Bob (not the greatest) Jampol - an original joke - better Marks in school - and a punch at Warsaw

Waiters 3

Jeff Crame - A night with Stella and Bubbles - an autographed picture of Richie Allen - and a comb that won't break

Bob Gordon - Another job at another place - Natalie's affection - his own arsenal - and an endless supply of cigarettes

Jeff Wrisel - A place to hide his food - and an unlimited supply of beauty cream

Stu Cohen (Warsaw) - a guide to good grooming - a bed that will last the summer - a book on how to avoid the Third Reich and one S.S.

Andy Steele - Contact lenses - faster archery lessons from Nancy - last year's social life - a refund of his ticket to see the bearded lady

Barry Goldstein - An end to frustration and - - Sorry fellas no cake out of the dining room, L.S.

Ronnie Pross - A medal for persistence - many nights of wine and roses - his own concession stand in front of bunk 20

The Guest Waiters Leave Themselves

- Wheels for next year
- the ice box
- M.D., G.P., and Ph.D..