Bunk 18

Sandy Drob- four bottles of pep pills

Kenny Kupperman- a slower metabolism

Cary Prosser- pair of track shoes

Joel Kramer- Gail Grossman

Al Satloff- the words 'yes', 'okay', 'please', 'thank you'

Mitch Schuman - four packages of instant humbleness

Steve Gordon- Charles Atlas Body Building Set

Bunk 19

P. Cohen- a black chuckle, a N.Y. Met crying towel, and a Color War win

Michael Fishoff- rolls, first, an electric razor, and a crust of bread

Jeffrey Fox- a remote control water trap and a new bed

Eddie Kagan- Tifini's Table Manners for Teenagers, a sense of perspective, and a C.M.S.

Sandi Kamhi- Aunt Carol, an alarm clock, a toupee, a bar of mouth soap, and the new counselor

Bunk 20

George Schaler- a power mower

Bob Mait- tweaking stick

Paul Perlstein- a civilized laugh and 100 shares of Con Ed Gas

Ron Weinberg- a bed to sleep in ETC, and a jacket without grease stains

Ed Berkowitz- a personal set of rafters

Dave Friedland- a Sam that gives a better root to girl's camp

To The Group- The tenth counselor's finger

Bunk 21

Manny Bloom- an invisible protective shield for his bed

Mike Auerbach- Grossman sharing his surfboard on a 15 foot wave

Steve Grossman- Mickey Mantle's centerfield position on Yanks

Paul Zaris- a years subscription to Playboy

Gary Stolbach- an unbreakable pair of glasses

Jon Raskin- a tryout with the Knicks

Dennis Kalich- someone to fight with all year round

Rich Marks- a nice word for Mrs. Pinsky