Bunk 14

Robert Tuchman- the ability to keep aloof

Moises Tuchman- a grilled cheese sandwich

Mark Mayerson- the key to the radio shack

Don Haber- a lifetime supply of tennis balls

John Haber- a new pair of glasses

Mike Rindenow- a bat-proof blanket

Bunk 15

RobertSafran- a room deodorizer

Joseph Rosenbloom- permission to raid girl's camp

Miles Dinner- a part in "The Wizard of Oz"

Jay Soshnick- a set of barbells to share with his brother

Robert Olshever- long straight hair

Ricky Lichtman- any kind of hair

Bunk 16

Steve Brooks- dinosaur

Billy Loftman- one box of animal crackers and a pair of bobby socks

Steve Lurie- a friendly pillow and a steady girl

Norman Savitt- an English dictionary

Bob Ebstein- an eight course meal at an expensive restaurant

Kenny Marek- a new baseball bat

Bunk 17

Bobby Sentnor- all of Tarzan's vines

Gilbert Pitkoff- a new outlook on life

Carl Atkins- a good guy sweatshirt

Charles Levy- an aeronautics degree

Steve Jasse- pair of water wings