Bunk 10

Keith Kurzner - a clean shirt

Bob Goldman - ginger ale

Bob Myers - a punching bag

Alan Rosner - a shorter volleyball court

Bunk 11

Dan Goodman - a new baseball cap, a bunch of bananas, Stu Lurie

Stu Lurie - a friend who doesn't always agree with what he says

Mike Safran - "tough nougs"

Steve Sentnor - a personal valet constantly equipped with soap

Jack Schnitt - a limitless amount of money in his canteen fund so his sister can borrow it all

Mike Randell - a lead part in a Ranger show, and six dozen flashbulbs

Barry Lang - seconds in desserts, crackerjacks, chocolate snaps, M&M's, etc.......

Bunk 12

Robert Chimbel - a new dissecting kit and a willing counselor

Evan Tobin - a late rising bugler

Bruce Halpern - a new package of BandAids

Richard Bengloff - 20 brooms and a megaphone

Elliott Kalick - a baseball diamond in his backyard

Kenny Grossman - a bed near the bathroom

Michael Weisbrot - girls, girls, girls

Bunk 13

Marc Gutterson - singing and dancing lessons

Neil Friedman - a punching bag resembling his counselor

Mike Markoff - a lizard, a snake, a frog, and some hair on his head

Mickey Zapp - seconds in dessert

Neil Foster - someone or something to impress

Neil Leiblich - a contract with Gilbert & Sullivan

Andy Friend - a mousetrap