The Ranger season is over; it is time now to go back home. In a few weeks perhaps, the summer spent here will be almost forgotten, as you will all be busy with school, friends, and daily life at home. Once readjustment to a new routine is accomplished, this past Ranger summer will become a fleeting memory. But, before it does, let is record exactly what took place these past eight weeks.

New friends were made, we experienced new things, new situations, we played ball, we were ecstatically happy, and at times mournfully sad. Most important of all though, we learned. We learned just a little bit more of how to live in this world. A world in which someday all of us will have to find for ourselves, as individuals, with individual skills. We also learned the responsibility of doing simple tasks. Some day you will realize the individuality of this training.

Campers, it is in these early years of your lives that you are developing physically and emotionally into the adult that you are soon to be. Perhaps you do not realize it, but the eight short weeks you have lived here, have made a positive contribution to this development.

I should like to take this opportunity to simply say; I enjoyed very much working with everyone on the staff at Camp Ranger, as I too have learned and become a more responsible person.

David Ellis

To the staff of the Ranger Trail we owe a heartfelt thanks for working exceptionally hard, as the paper got started a bit late this year. The complete cooperation of these people has made this difficult job an easy one


Editor-in-chief-Davis Ellis

Co-editor-Edward Taylor

Ass.-editor-Sue Breitman

Typists-Toni Epstein
Cindy Feller