Bunk 6

David Cutler- a woody woodpecker doll in a Batman suit

Clifford Goldschmid- any shoes but desert boots

Bradley Glazer- a girl in every bunk below 7

Paul Haskin- one bib bag of popcorn

Barry Marek- something mechanical that doesn't break

Bunk 7

Larry Salpeter- Mr. Ed and one year riding instruction

Tod Foster- a fifth spot in the Kirby Stone Four

Jon Goldstein- pair of boxing gloves

Josh Friend- permanent 1st base position

Keith Goldschmid- a pair of watershoes

Scott Profer- a box of sedatives

Roy Kaplan- a built-in cubby under his bed

Bunk 8

Steve Kaplan- a talking boxing glove

Mike Teich- Shea Stadium

Steve Markoff- a maid

Larry Jasse- a boxing kangaroo

B.J. Weiss- an honest lie

Glenn Halpern- a day camp in the country

Mitchell Macy- Sundae on a Sunday

Bunk 9

Marshall Steingold- a rattle and a maid (a pair of wings)

Ronnie Rosenblum- an information please

Stu Weisman- and idol other than Fishoff

Mike Martin- 50 feet of fishing line and a meat loaf

Gary Golden -Piggy Pffeifer

Scott Fishoff- laryngitis