Ranger has enjoyed a very successful pioneering program this summer. With typical Ranger zest the girls learned about living out of doors at the Ranger campsite.

The inter groups who slept out first, enjoyed fairy breakfasts (a hunt for breakfast bags, hung from trees in the area around the campsite). These hunts and the pre-breakfast morning swim in an unbelievably smooth lake proved exciting and a great deal of fun. The girls also had the opportunity to pick blueberries.

Bunk 11 seemed to greatly enjoy the pioneering area, for after two sleepouts and one cookout, the entire bunk went to work lashing a table together. Another table was made with the combined efforts of three other Deb-teen bunks. The pioneers next year will benefit from these tables.

But all did not run smoothly either. Once it rained and finding our way back to the campus proved to be quite a chore. But even this was adventurous as we had to search for our path through the woods.

The CITS pioneered the first breakfast cookout at the campsite. They actually rose at 6:30 am in order to collect their fire wood. The French toast may have been a little "well-done" and the eggs not quite as "sunny sided" as they expected, but there was plenty to go around and everyone thoroughly enjoyed it.

There were songs and ghost stories around the campsite for the pioneering Ranger girls this year making fitting ends to days and nights spent as pioneers.

Wendy Braunfeld