Twas the 11th of August
And all thru the camp
The weather was dreary and our hair was damp
We plugged in the hair dryers and to our dismay
No electricity was coming our way.

Over the camp there was a loud hush
"The lights were all out and the toilets don't flush!"
The skies were all roaring,
The rain was now pouring,
The campers were silent,
The storm it was violent.

Water was needed to quench our great thirst
But of all things lost, the water went first.
From up above the P.A. was still,
The electricity now was completely nil.
Dinner we ate by candle light
Our food and friends were no where in sight.

During our romantic feast
The rain began to stop at least,
But still there was at all no power
We'd been in the dark for a couple of hours.

To the rec that night we were bound,
In the dark the songs had a happy sound.
When all of a sudden on went the light
And so to the Canteen we all flew that night!

Jill Goldberg
Sue Falk