The inter boys of Camp Ranger have had a very active and exciting summer. Aside from their everyday activities, they have participated in four inter-camp games, a thrilling trip to the "The Baseball Hall of Fame," and the perennial highlight of the year - "Color War."

The first inter-camp game this year pitted the Red and Grey of Ranger against Camp Anawana. The name of the game was softball and after falling behind 2 - 0 in the early innings, the boys rose to the occasion by blasting out run after run; the final score being 9 - 2. Keith Kurzner pitched like he was Sandy Koufax while posting his first victory of the year. Swinging the heavy bat and giving their pitcher a great deal of support were Barry Lang, Danny Goodman, Mike Safran, and Bobby Myers. Providing the support in the field were Stu Lurie, Scott Fishoff, Stu Weissman, and Ronnie Rosenbloom. The big surprise of the game was the all-around playing of little Alan Rosner. Normally a second stringer, Alan was placed on the starting team and proceeded to get two hits and two walks in five at bats. He also handled six chances without an error. After the game, the boys were raring to participate in other games.

Their next trip took them to Camp Keewanee, where they were combined with the lower senior division (thus playing against older boys) and where they suffered their first loss. It was here, however, that the second team got into the limelight. These boys completely outclassed their opponents in Volleyball. Leading this team to victory were Steve Sentner, Jackie Schnitt, Mike Martin, Marshall Steingold, Mike Randell, and Gary Golden. The boys, however, were not as successful as their next two trips, losing more than half of their games.

The kind of year it was, is best exemplified by the spirit shown by both teams in the Color War softball game. It was in this game that both teams consistently came from behind, fighting neck and neck, never giving in until the umpire decided that the game be called a draw (the score was 9 - 9 in extra innings). We congratulate you inters.

Al Margulies