The Shangrilas

On July 26, Camp Ranger to turn from the sedate camp life to the wild discotheque scene. We, the Senior Division, boarded the buses at 7:30 p.m.. Our spirits rose at the thought of seeing The Shangrilas, in person, at the Commodore Hotel.

As we entered the magnificence Emerald Room, we were delightfully surprised to find that we had the front row seats. Before the show began, we were entertained by a band and we all danced. When the curtains opened and the show was on its way, we were all surprised to find that Little Richie and the Wonders were also performing. This fantastic group sang many songs which entertained us all.

Next to group which we had been waiting for, The Shangrilas came out and performed for us. During the song, Leader of the Pack, Paul Zaris, the camp comedian, was called on stage to do sound effects.

When the laughter and applause subsided, we boarded the buses feeling very contented. It was a very enjoyable evening.

Ellen Teich
Patti Auerbach
Mona Rosner

Among the many memorable events of the summer was the U.J.A. Camp Carnival. The dollar each child donated was well worth the fun. The sum of the contributions went to help needy Jewish children all over the world.

As if by magic, the boy's camp was suddenly changed into a world of games, stunts, and fun for all. Most of the boy's bunks set up their own booths in which each camper would pay a ticket in order to participate. They all proved to be quite enjoyable. They included "Douse the Louse," "Shave the Balloon," "Shoot the Basket," "Candle Squirt," "Walk the Crooked Mile," and many others.

Those who won tickets from enough booths were eligible for a variety of prizes.

Following the carnival, refreshments were served.

Put it altogether and we had an especially enjoyable afternoon.

Diane Behar