"Amateur radio is the direct, private, experimental communication, from your own home, and apparatus you have built or assembled yourself, with others similarly equipped. More than listening to a radio receiver, one can talk to the person he is listening to."

At Camp Ranger, the amateur radio program is designed to help campers obtain their radio license so that they can share this useful and educational hobby.

Amateur radio is the key to world communication for anybody who wishes to try it. It is possible, with many home stations, to speak anywhere in the world. It is also a way of meeting new people who share the same interests as you do. It leads to "Rag Chews", or long radio conversation. The longest rag chew on record is about 9 hours.

Outstanding campers in the field of amateur radio were Mark Mayerson, Neil Friedman, Evan Tobin, Robert Chimbel, Michael Martin and Scott Fishoff.

Lenny Zavodnick


In this camp of ours, we have an organization known that as the J. J. L. O. A., (The Jewish Justice League of America). It consists of eight charter members. They are: Spiderman (Mike Auerbach), Hulk (Paul Zaris), Powderman (Dennis Kalick), Thor (Rich Marks), Batman (Jon Raskin), Flash (Manny Bloom), Green Lantern (Gary Stolbach) and Mickey Mantle (Steve Grossman-natch). The rallying cry of the J. J. L. O. A. is "METS".

Bunk 21 members excel in any and all sports. In Baseball they are led by Steve "the Mick" Grossman and Dennis Kalick. In Basketball, Jon "Oscar" Raskin is in a class by himself, averaging approximately 40 points a game in inter-camp competition. In Football our bunk is led by the great broken field running of Mike Auerbach the animal line play of Richie Marks. Gary Stolbach leads the field of seniors and O.B.'s in tennis. At the waterfront there are few people comparable to Manny Bloom in sailing and other aquatic sports. But the sport most practiced by bunk 21 is the art of sleeping in which we are ably led by Paul-24-hours-a-day Zaris.

I would like to add that these guys are without a doubt the greatest guys I have ever been associated with in any camp!

Sy Kirshenbaum