By the evening of the 20th, all Camp Ranger boys knew that it was once again time to be visited by three mammoth members of the New York Knickerbockers.

The next morning when Dave Stallworth, Willis Reed, and Henry Akin arrived, the excitement in the air could easily be felt by all. Our introduction to these three professional athletes came at the first morning activity, an exhibition of the basic parts of the game of basketball. With Willis over a microphone, Dave and Henry demonstrated the fundamental techniques of passing, dribbling, foul shooting, layups, and all around good ball-handling. Willis not only commented on his sport of basketball, but emphasized good health, eating, and sleeping habits as all important in a young boy's growth.

After the morning exhibition each group had its chance to spend some time with the Knicks alone. It was at the more personal instruction periods where the ballplayers were able to teach each camper and deal with his individual problems. In each division a foul-shooting contest was held. Any camper making two out of three foul shots got a certificate of achievement signed by all three Knicks. Many boys did earn these certificates, and they can be very proud of them.

After lunch Willis Reed, combined with the counselors while Dave Stallworth and Henry Akin teamed up with the waiters to play a regulation game of basketball. It was a hard fought contest but one Knick is no match for two and the waiters won handily.

After all the day's activities were completed, the camp store movie entitled "The N.B.A. Story." It reviewed the best ballplayers in the National Basketball Association. When the movie was over, a question and answer period was held which gave the three Knicks an opportunity to clear up many a doubtful mind, and to discuss what Knickerbocker basketball will hold in store for fans in coming seasons.

Edward Taylor
David Ellis