A three-hour bus ride started an adventurous trip to Howe Caverns. When we finally arrived, we ate a picnic lunch by the scenic Lake Otsego. After freshening up, we once again boarded the bus and toured the Farmers Museum. By walking through a typical farm village, we experienced the life of farmers in the olden days. Then across the street and walked through the "James Fenimore Cooper Home." This beautiful mansion was once owned by Mr. Cooper, a bachelor. Can you imagine one man living in such a huge house? As we toured the home, we saw typical paintings of the time. This famous home has been enjoyed an appreciated by millions of people.
After dinner, we went to the Baseball Hall of Fame. To end this exciting day, we had pizza and saw the movie "The Unsinkable Molly Brown."

We woke up bright and early the next morning. After finishing breakfast, we arrived at the Woodland Museum. At the museum, we walked down a trail and saw different animals, plants, and other exhibits about nature. Following lunch, we went to Howe Caverns. In the Caverns we saw many interesting rock formations. It is hard to believe that all these rock formations are one hundred and sixty feet below the ground.

It was a wonderful experience! We were all tired but very happy. We all loved every minute of the trip. It was great!

Rhonda Perchick & Donna Conrad