The program this summer was the signed to introduce to the beginner to many basic points that make one a good archer. The program was also intended to help correct the many faults of campers who had not gotten proper qualified instruction in the sport. In addition, capable archers were given the opportunity to qualify for awards from the Camping Archery Association.
The program was extended so that every camper could leave saying that he knows the proper way to shoot a bow and arrow. Thanks to the facilities and the equipment available at Ranger, I can proudly say that the archery program was a complete success.
The extensive archery program that was offered this year enabled each camper to get the feeling of a bow and arrow. It helped to foster a feeling of determination and self confidence in each archer.

Richard Ladisky

This year there has been an excellent Riflery program offered to all those campers in the intermediate divisions on up. During scheduled activity periods and during option periods, campers have been able to practice their marksmanship, and thus have gained invaluable experience in the proper use and handling of a rifle. The range, which is located behind the Guest House, has an ample back stop. The range is adequate enough to accommodate for shooters at a time.
The campers have come to understand the various parts of the rifle, along with the many varied techniques of shooting rifle. Important also is the fact that the boys and girls participating in the program became aware of the necessity of discipline, be it on the rifle range, in the bunk, or on the fields.
The object of this year's Riflery program was to teach coordination between hand and eye. The feeling of confidence fostered on the range will, I hope, carryover to other aspects of life-since success consists of acquiring one's aims.

Elliott Markson