This year, as in the past, girls Arts and Crafts consisted of such activities as enameling, ceramics, lanyards, metal work, leather tooling, mosaics, and so on. This summer, we put an emphasis on the fine arts-painting, finger painting, clay modeling, sketching, and sculpting. Of course, none of us will forget our Bunk Beautiful Contest which opened the 1964 Arts and Crafts season. The girls did a beautiful job in the designing and executing the plaques.
Thank you all for making the summer so pleasant. Have a good winter season!

Barbara E. Kaplan

This season, Camp Ranger provided a fine Arts and Crafts program. There was a great interest among the younger campers. During "Color War" there seemed to be increased interest among many of the seniors and counselors.
The areas that were covered during the past year were wide and varied. They included ceramics, metalworking, woodworking, copper-enameling, jewelry, and, of course, fried marbles. During Color War, the older boys of each team selected committees to design and create the now famous plaques. These committees worked side by side for three days and three nights. Completion of the plaques was just minutes before their presentation to the camp.
It was a fine summer. There were many worthwhile projects being executed and completed. I hope that the campers as much fun working in the shop as I had having them there.

Ira M. Yudis