For once you have been a Ranger Girl
Then something has come to stay,
Deep in your heart forever
Which nothing can take away.

This bit of magic takes place each year for us. Ranger spirit, exciting font, new skills, lots of singing and dancing, and many lasting friendships although into making camp a many splendored experience.
We can take home a different memory of this summer-it is a lovely, warm memory of one or many pleasant things. Perhaps a campfire besides the mirror-like Silver Lake with stars shining and guitars strumming, or it could be the lighted candles of friendship shining on the lovely faces of my Ranger Girls.
I know that you will all store a treasured remembrance for many years to come.
My love and fond hopes for a winter of good health and lots of fond for everyone of my "Beautiful Girls".
To all my co-workers, my sincerest thank you and to all, a fond Adieu.
Gray skies are going to clear up.
Or so she says-

Always, Ruth

Fun, friendship, and enjoyment had been the paramount objectives of Boys Camp during this past season. Without a doubt, this vast and worthy goal has been achieved.
In retrospect, each and every camper should be able to look back on this 1964 summer at Ranger as a wonderful experience that will forever be remembered and revered.
Many of the friendships made at camp will continue throughout the year. And, I hope, will continue at Camp Ranger in 1965.
My sincerest thanks to all the campers, the counselor staff, Aunt Carol, and the Directors.

See you soon,