Sima Schiff-

A Jughead comic with matching hamburgers Sue Buchbinder- "Another Openin of Another Show"
Laurie Schwarz- Twenty pounds Lori Robins- "Come Softly To Me"
Charlotte Feigenbaum- a kikreature Lois Marks- "Young At Heart"
Ruth Zirin- A personal P.A. Bunk 18
Matti Fagin- A vacuum Audrey Arons- A mega phone
Bunk 14 Barbara Alalouf- A pair of pants that are tight enough
Barbara Weiner- Nathan Leslie Heller- a tickie for her shirtie
Diane Behar- A philosophy book Sue Klausner- A summers supply of chicken
Debbie November- Why? Sara Levine- Coricidin, Anacin, Vicks, Bufferin, Penicillan, or anything else that might help
Beth Lippy- A place in summerstock Mimi Mooney- An older sister who looks older
Robin Cohen- A bed in bunk 13 and 14 Ilene Schulman- A carpet bagger
Phyllis Cohen- Senior privileges Gerri Weisbrot- A Hebrew lesson
Sue Liebman- An infirmary of her own Bunk 19
Bunk 15 Sue Rothsetin- "When I'm not near the boy I love, I love the boy I'm near"
Jane Lasky- A steady date of King Kahn Vicki Merlis- A mitt full of tissues
Ellen Ostrow- A midnight conversation Eileen Habib- A Rich Ardent Admirer
Ilene Holtz- A perfect bed Barbara Bennett- An ace bandage to prevent her foot from caving in while watching Conrad Birdie
Robin Vann- A sweet melodious voice Lois Slatin- Scotch & Water
Rhonda Fels- Dietrite Cola Jessica Bergman- A sharpshooter (preferably male)
Jill Goldberg- Neat bunkmates Ila Blum- A pair of pajamas
Bunk 16 Bunk 20
Wendy Rosen- A stitch in time saves nine on the softball field Gail Brooks- A trap door in bunk 22
Arlene Putterman- Love letters in the sand Sue Malmet- The Philips Mils of Magnesia Company (near the sandy beach)
Beth Solomon- "If I had My Way" Gwen Goldflam- A portable fence - gift wrapped
Linda Tobin- More Ranger, Les Israel Helen Fox- A book on "How to Catch A Frish"
Marsha Rothblum- A new bed B.I. Dorin- A watch
Merrie Greenfield- "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" Marion Swerdlow- A trip to the city
Sandy Binder- A new electric razor Amy Rothman- A brick wall around Mahojie
Joan Schwartz- A can of stringbeans Barbara Rosenblatt- A tall, dark, handsome intellectual with glasses - also rich
Bunk 17 Corinne Kief- A second time around
Terry Hoffman- "One Last Kiss" Carol King- Happy Talk
Sue Kaplan- "A Person can Develop a Cold"

Felicia Levine- "P.S. I Love You"
Elaine Silverstein- "Rise & Shine"
Sue Falk- "Food, Glorious Food"