Bunk 5

Jill Braunstein- a stage to share with Joanie
Mindy Lang- A portable bathroom Renay Boll- Her own hairdresser and a jelly factory
Laurie Greenberg- A standing infirmary appointment Amy Marks- A pinch-runner and two extra weeks
Lynn Friedman- A completely full length apron Susan Sussman- Her own private waiter to stack her dishes
Jean Weiss- A new set of questions To Bunk 9 we leave a pie pan and blueberry cans
Bunk 6 Bunk 10
Lillian Tuckman- A bed with rounded corners Roberta Zitman- A vanilla ice-cream Cohen
Binnie Kaufman- One Infirmary Lisa Freedland- An Oscar for the movie entitled "An elbow in my Eye"
Susan Goldstein- An Iron June Tanenblatt- More giggles and more fizzy songs
Bette Sussman- A tetherball in her front yard Dara Rosenblatt- Her own personal maid soap and more dessert
Liz Wisham- An empty shopping bag Donna Mark- Dara Rosenblatt
Marla Konigsberg- A brush tied to her bed Robin Weinberg- Quieter vocal chords
Sheri Mait- A giant salt shaker Bunk 11
Bunk 7 Donna Conrad- K.K.'s I.D.
Laurie Levinson- A year's pass for free haircuts Marla Schaffer- The elephants are coming and an Oscar
Randi Garrett- A little temptation and a pinch of action Ann Tanenblatt- One day without whining
Cindy Rubin- A library of her own Jane King- First sweep on Laundry Day and three dozen brownies
Nancy Matthews- Sweetness personified a rubberband Carol Fishelman- A calendar to tell her when the boys are riding
Marion Presser- A new wardrobe in answer to "I have nothing to wear" Ronda Perchick- A microphone and a winning smile
Lauren Weilburg- A permanent bed in the infirmary and a new voice box Renee Samuels- A substitute for a substitute
Alisan Lustig- A smile Bunk 12
Bunk 8 Lucille Guerriero- A handshake
To Andrea we leave full royalties from the book "How I Sleep Neatly"
To Doreen we leave a doll called Disee who goes "yah"
To Gail we leave Mr Clean
To Jane we leave a kingdom to reign over
To Laurie we leave a lemon-tree
To Nancy we leave leprechaun repellent
To Robin we leave braids
Patti Auerbach- A silent (rich) partner
Judy Wechsler- A haircut
Gail Berg- Ten questions
Sari Coven- A no spill pitcher
Bunk 13
Gail Z. Grossman- A portable Rec Hall
Nancy Kaplan- Enough stuffing
Bunk 9 Gail Z. Grossman- A posh dressing room
Tina Chassin- An automatic shower regulator Penny Lynn- A hi-fi
Doretta Alalouf- The whole infirmary Joy Pludo- A zipper that stays closed
Joan Grossman- Her own private stage