Normie Kaminowitz: A piece of clothing without the name of a team or school
Paul Saranson: A serious attitude
Bob Glassman: David Drimer
Paul Pitkoff: A co-counselor
Ira Arons: Grey skies are gonna clear up on memory night
Barry Weiner: More admirers from girl's bunk 8
Steve Leibman: A permanent O.D.
Al Gortz: The Kaps and Al D.
Mel Pass: Bunk 12
Ira Liebowitz: A Devil may-care feeling
Bob Paulen: It's been a hard days night and I've been workin like a dog
Bob Weintraub: A better track coach and a co-op O.D.
Denny Leibel: A Sue for Libel
Lenny Guedelia: A dog with a rose in its mouth
Johnnie Hess: some consideration
Marty Olinick: Nerves of steel, and a friend that leaves him alone
Danny Bront: The head waterfront at Adventure
Al Wang: A ship called the General
Gary Goldberg: Bunk 16
Elliot Markson: Gold ' Water
Barry Cohen: The Red Team
Mike Colin: A cat that doesn't "meow"
Mike Sohn: A base hit in the counselor-waiter game
Armie Graf: A gun that shoots "bullets"
Barry Tumin: April love
Richie Ladisky: Trampoline, Ham Radio, and archery
Alan Richards: A color War judge in 65
Ira Yudis: That old feeling of being young at heart
Howie Greenberg: An alarm clock? and tough grotts!
Bo Hahn: An Italian bologna sandwich and a knife and fork to eat it with
Alan Frishman A nose that doesn't peel!
Jeff Rosen: How did a ham like this get in a Kosher camp