Dick Putterman: A different girl for weekends and weekdays
Ben Mandell: String beans, Kosha Paper Steve Parnes: A good bus boy
Steve Lipsky: A steady girl and Spotless bed Tommy Hess: A yiddisha Kup
Barry Goldstein: A FOXY move, AWRIGHT Howie Kramer: A picture of Elaine Z. and Mickey Mantle (his 2 loves)
Bobby Gordon: A broken coke bottle and a "Steel" target Bert Seifman: Tough Kezerbies No last will and testament this year either
Andy Steele: "I've heard a rumor Andy Steele has a sense of humor" and a safe for his goodies Harold Leff: Another Sept. dream
David Kentorowitz: A silver knife and Falk and opera lessons Jerry Olinick: A scholarship to a rest home in River City
David Lapidus: A date to the prom, A "cup" and a pair of pajamas Harry Shaw: Three beds squashed together in the jungle beneath the almighty rainbow of Ba AuH2o
Jeff Bloom: A nail a hammer and a screw Phil Dorin: Bunk 2 leaves 7 cents
BUNK 22 Larry Langer: A view from the bed post
Les Israelow: A self-flushing toilet Fred Fox: A sense of Humor
Bruce Lynn: The breast stroke Mel Goodman: We leave a friend
Ronnie Press: A meat clever and a unconditional surrender Larry Rothblum: A record saying "I will, I will"
Bobby Kahn: A one way ticket to Springfield New Jersey and a Big Brother Jay Citrin: A frown and just a little more food to stuff himself with
Richie Freiman: Room 410 in one Yorktowne hotel

Charlie Bengaloff: A babbling "brook"
Vinnie Lloyd: His own piggy bank to put in a vault to protect the money he saves by not buying cokes
Howie Friedland: A mouse Trap
Ira Hershkowitz: A sister name Helene for my three sons
Ira Haselkorn: A paid up bet with Ronni
Alan Goldberg: A book called "How not to take anything from Kagan"
David Wechsler: A book on how to be cool
Normie Fishelman: A Foghorn
Bob Kagan: Someone who can impersonate him
Mark Jampol: A good bridge B.I.D.