Kenny Kupperman: A searchlight Steve Tucker: One guest waterfront counselor
Joel Kramer: A new "Flame" Jon Raskin: A maid and a valet
Nathan Zimmerman: Broken heart and blond glory Louis Schrierer: A new sweetshirt and pressed dungarees
Steve Gordon: A coloring book Steve Lang: Sime judo lessons
Mike Leff: A bachelor's apartment Manny Bloom: A finished Color War plaque
Cary Presser: A shortstop Gary Stolbach: A thirteen year old blonde girl's camp groupleader
Alan Freiman: Leave him smiling BUNK 19
BUNK 14 Mark Finkelstein: A whistle
Peter Cohen: 10.00 prize at the Race Track Paul Rouder: A Post Office
Larry Klepner: Bobby Goldman's frog voice Steve Wachman: Ongood Schlouter
Mike Fishoff: Am Everready flashlight like Marty Olinick's Richie Russak: Chicken. fish and Pam
Richard Leider: A meal at which no substitutes are Mike Markel: David Kessler
Teddy Burkes: A bed like John Hesses David Kessler: Mike Markel
Mark Halbreich: A radio which everyone doesn't borrow Larry Levinson: Doubles in cake
Ed Bloom: "I got news for you" Richy Smallman: A brand new rafter for Beamball and an electrocution
Sandy Kahmi: A baseball autographed by Eddie Kagan Steve Tumin: One Ira Yudis dust cover complete with rips, lacerations and abrasions
Jeff Fox: An ideal Camper Steve Mait: Reminders of a trip to Gettysburg besides Adam and Monsieur
Ed Kagan: A baseball autographed by Sandy Kahmi Richy Citrin: A bunk to call his own. A pair of eyeglasses that come off at night
Joel Halpern: Mary Olinick's crying towel David Conrad: A head that turns properly while doing the crawl
Stan Cohen: A straw hat Bobby Jampol: An official government surplus Rado-Meter

Richie Gilbert: A place to wear his confederate hat BUNK 17 (cont.)
Eddie Berkowitz: A lawyer to sue his counselors with Marty Cybel: mule to compete with
Richie Marks: for the seconds to start on his side of the table and a personal valet, big change award Warren Suna: crying towel
Robert Mait: A day of total silence without being blamed for something Michael Auerbach: Halo
Paul Perlstein: MARKSON Mike Berry: pair of dancing shoes
Ronnie Weinberg: A set of personal bugles and a night at the canteen Dave Friedland: Pair of winged shoes
Dennis Kalick: A big cigar and a gun
Howie Boll: A bar of soap and a comb
Richie Hammer: A BULLET