Michael Weisbrot: A few more minutes
Mitchell Gunty: And open 24 hour tetherball court Evan Tobin: 12 ounce gloves to read those comics with
Bart Habib: A steady supply of bubble gum Rich Bengaloff: Another pair of gloves to help Evan read those comics
Jeffrey Lloyd: He likes to sleep and sleep BUNK 10
Glenn Halpern: Soon I'll pass my intermediate swimming test Bruce Greenfield: A camper supreme
David Konigsberg: I brushed my teeth yesterday, do I have to brush them today Neil Foster: A real camp Man
BUNK 7 Steve Halbreich: We leave a smile
Steven Sentorpro and A pair of track shoes so that he can run away from his counselor in comfort Daniel Swerdlow: We leave a Beatle card
David Drimer: His own lake so he'll have something to do all day Carl Zapp: We leave a postcard saying "Please send me"
Scott Fishoff: A boxing ring so that he will be able to enjoy his favorite sport Steve Ostrow: Still wearing his red hats and making boats
Andy Browner: Part ownership of Camp Ranger BUNK 11
Steven Levine: Nothing but a camera, go-cart, and a horse Bobby Epstein: "HEARTY APPETITE"
David Saronson: The good conduct award of bunk 7 Steve Fox: A smile and a song
BUNK 8 Steve Brooks: The top spot on the tennis ladder
Artie Forman: Liquid shoe polish that doesn't stain Barry Topf: A cake, ice cream, and mashed potatoe sandwich
Robert Chimbel: An unloseable address book Bill Loftman: We leave Bobby Paulen
Barry Lang: A lake of his own Neil Friedman: A post office
Kenny Grossman: A lake full of fish Harvey Cohen: Triples in everything
Jackie Schnitt: Head counselor some day Kenny Marek: Something to do wrong
Stuie Stregler: An arts and crafts shop BUNK 12
BUNK 9 Jeff Weilburg: Lifetime membership in the Honor Society
Elliot Kalick: Madison Square Garden Ira Lederman: A seedless watermelon
Bruce Halpern: Green pills, yellow pills**** Morman Savitt: A collection of Edward G. Robinson Mocies and noiseless drums
Paul Kaplan: A seat on the stock exchange Gil Pitkoff: His brother's Playboy Magazines
Steve Feinman: 1000 yards of spaghetti with sauce