Was it a bird? Was it a plane? - No! It was just our favorite Martian breaking Color War 1964. With return of Counselor Co-ordinators to advise the camper leaders, Color War proved to be a very interesting and competitive three days.

Our first night's activity was the rope burning contest, which, once it got started, aroused the enthusiasm of both teams. The spirit continue to climb, when, at lunch on the second day, it was announced that Red and Gray were tied. That evening the themes of both teams were presented. The Gray Sabras; led by Corrinne Kief, Helen Fox, Terry Hoffman, and assisted by Winkie Frankel, Stephanie Morganstern, and Sharon Bodner marched into their star formation on the Basketball court. The Royal Reds; led by Barbara Rosenblatt, Sue Malmet, Sue Falk, and assisted by Rena Bramnick, Jane Kaplan, and Gail Rosenblatt marched majestically into a crown formation on the Softball field. Tension mounted that evening as the scores were announced. The Gray had taken the lead.

On the third and final day, a Round Robin Softball game was held. The Red team proved victorious. That evening the color war sing was held. The Gray Sabras went into the sing with a commanding 20 point lead over the Red team. During the sing, the hard work and concerted effort on the part of both teams was more than evident. Particularly outstanding was the Red team march and the Gray team alma mater.
Immediately following the sing, both teams returned to girls camp and gathered around the flag pole to await the announcement of the color war winner. The Gray Sabras proved to be too strong for the Royal Red to overcome. The Gray team won color war by a twenty-four point margin.

The active participation, hard work, and strong spirit all contributed to three successful and fun filled days.

Natalie Grossman
Barbara Rosenblatt