After several fake breaks, Color War and finally broke at the annual Carnival. While the campers were waiting for their refreshments, a man from another planet landed on the dining hall roof. He turned out to be our favorite Martian, Irv Tobin, declaring Interplanetary Olympics (alias Color War). After the announcement of Color War, the boys and girls returned to their respective camps to await the announcement of the division of the teams.

The first activity between the Red and the Gray was a rope burning contest. This contest was one easily by the Gray team, thereby putting them in the lead by a ten point margin.

The Monday morning activities made it seem like an unfair division of the teams. The Gray had forged ahead by almost thirty-seven points. After lunch, the comeback of the Red showed that in Color War anything can happen. At the supper line-up, not only was the score tied, but the spirit on both teams seemed to be revitalized.
There were two evening activities on the second night; the Counselor Volleyball game, and the entire camp Tug-of-war. The Gray counselors won two out of three volleyball games, while the tug-of-war went no better for the Red. As the camp slept, the midnight oil burned. The counselors and waiters of both teams were hard at work composing their different songs for the saying to be held the third and final night of Color War.

After another morning of vigorous activity, they're hardly seemed to be a contest; the Gray was ahead of the Red by a fairly large margin. This lead was cut, however, by the sixteen to four division of the sportsmanship points in favor of the Red team. The meals were surprisingly quiet. The spirit of the color war teams, however, was still felt over the silence. In the afternoon of the second day, the Red team made another comeback. It was then apparent that this Color War was going to be a much more exciting one than was expected. In the evening there was an armistice in order for both camps to be able to enjoy an outdoor movie. Even though the armistice was declared, it was still color war and the older campers and counselors could not really forget the preparations that were underway for the sing.

The Round Robin baseball game followed a night of deep sleep. During the game, the spirit and sportsmanship of both teams was extraordinary. The game ended in a thirteen to eleven victory for Gray. Meanwhile, back at the waterfront, the Red waiters saved in the day with a ten to nothing victory. To everyone's amazement the Red and Gray were tied as they entered the sing. The suspense of the sing, therefore, was unbearable. The Judges comic song helped to break the tension of the long presentation of each teams sentiments, spirits, and skill was hard to bear knowing bad victory or defeat was so close in the future.

After the sing, the boys camp assembled around the campus light and the final scores of the sing and the sportsmanship points were announced. Sportsmanship was split evenly. The sing total was announced. The Red team had won the sing a fifty-two to forty-eight, giving the Red team a four point victory over the Gray. This Red victory marked the first time in three years that the Red team emerged victorious. This year's Color War proved to be all that was expected of it and more.

David Lapidus