Once again, it is our sad task to write a farewell message to our own Ranger boys and girls, with whom we have lived so happily for the past eight weeks.
The season just past has been one of the happiest and healthiest in the thirty-nine years of Camp Rangers existence. We remember-with fond thoughts-all of the pleasant events of this season: the wonderful Circus and Carnival, which raised five hundred dollars for the U.J.A., for the twentieth consecutive year; the exciting trips to Gettysburg, Howe Caverns, and to the Mills Brothers Circus; the coed outdoor barbecues; waterskiing and sailing; the cookouts and overnight sleep outs; the exciting intercamp games; the bowling nights in Liberty; the thrilling "Day with the Knicks" starring Art Heyman, Tom Hoover, and Willis Reed; a most exciting Red and Gray, closely contested on both the boys and girls side; the yummy "Sundae on a Sunday" treats; the fine Aqua Show; the great tennis clinic and exhibition put on by Eli Epstein, the pro at Grossingers; the inspiring Friday night Services; the outdoor movies; the weekly socials, culminating in the very formal dress up "Final Proms"; a highly enjoyable Birthday Ball night; the hilarious Camper Counselor Day, in which campers and counselors changed places; our fabulous dramatic shows, which this year included to "Oliver", "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Kiss Me Kate", "Plain and Fancy", "Damn Yankees", and the final Big Show "Music Man"; the exciting "Announcement of Awards" night; and finally, the thirty-ninth Annual Banquet, followed by the sentimental "Candle Lighting Ceremony" at the Lake.
To all of you-our campers and staff alike-we bid a fond farewell. We sincerely hope that the friendships made here at Camp Ranger, not only during this season but in the seasons gone by, will continue for many more years to come, and will grow stronger with each passing year.
We are looking forward to the great pleasure of seeing all of you again at our Annual Reunion, to be held on Sunday afternoon, January 31, 1965, in the Terrace Ballroom of the Hotel Statler Hilton, in New York City. We also hope to have you with us again at Camp Ranger in 1965, for another enjoyable and exciting summer.


Jerry Lorber and Lou Silverman