On August 17, 1964, the Ranger Staff presented, as this year's annual "Counselor Show", "Damn Yankees".

The play mates our national pastime with the "Faust" legend. Basically, the plot involves a passionate Washington Senators fan, who sells his soul to the Devil so that his favorite team can whip the New York Yankees.
Among the musical numbers with a rousing opening, "Six Months Out of Every Year", the morale-building "Heart", Lola's bawdy "Brains and Talent", as well as "Whatever Lola Wants", the raucous "Game", the bewitching "Near to You", the haunting "A Man Doesn't Know", and the exciting "Shoeless Joe From Hannibal Mo." Other outstanding numbers for: "Two Lost Souls", "Goodbye Old Girl", and "Good Old Days".

Some of the most remembered performances were Myra Hoffman as Lola, Bobby Kagan as Joe Hardy, and Paul Saronson as the Devil.

Also turning in very convincing performances were: Bobby Paulen, Jeff Rosen, Al Richards, Joan Glasgal, Janie Sacks, and Rena Bramnick.

Special bouquets to Natalie Grossman, who turned in one of the finest, most mature and sensitive performances it's been my pleasure to see at Ranger.

Keeping in mind the usual limits of time, space, and talent, I can say that "Damn Yankees" was entertaining and enjoyable to those working on it, as well as to its audience.

Barry Kaplan