We, the custodians of Ranger Dramatics have been fortunate ----- we have all the advantages of amateur theatricals, with few of its disadvantages. We are not subject to the back-biting of "fair weather" friends, the healing of wounded egos, or the unexpected sabotage of disappointed actors.
Instead, each week, we have the opportunity of working with a new script, building exciting characters, creating camaraderie among the cast, and striving for, and usually achieving the sought-after goal.
"The Plays the Thing?" No!! At Ranger Playhouse the working, building, and creating and striving for is paramount.
This summer, those "arty people" hybrid aiding in the Girls Rec did eight shows. We started the season with the Fourth of July Show, next "Snow White," "Plain and Fancy," "Kiss Be Kate," a review, "Oliver," the big show "The Music Man," and finally the counselor show "Damn Yankees."
Upon reflection, some of the most outstanding memories I have of these shows all are: 1. staying up to all hours finishing the "Kate" costumes, 2. adding a female chorus the day of "Oliver," 3. Linda Tobin's stepping into the lead (God bless her), 4.Steffy Morgansterns one line, 5. Bo's chords, 6. A Snow White who looked as if she had just stepped out of a Disney Cartoon "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" 7. "polar-sexus," 8. David's foot getting stuck in a stool, and many more.
As I ended this article, I find the need and desire to thank those who have helped, encouraged (panned) applauded--- the audience, my girls Friday Nina and Lois; the casts, choruses; Bo and Danny for their accompaniment, Howie for his exciting scenery (even if he did start on Thursdays), Jeff Bloom, for just being Jeff Bloom. Most are all I'd like to thank my wife Barbara, for her inspiration and perspiration, my admiration and appreciation.

Have a fine winter.