Waterfront '64

Concluding a summer of vigorous activity, Boys Waterfront surveys with great satisfaction the many examples of significant improvement among the campers. Statistics aside, we have many boys who began the summer as total nonswimmers and who have emerged as half lake-deep water swimmers. Others have mastered the essentials and finer points of the elementary back stroke, side stroke, and breast stroke. The bulk of teaching hours this summer has been devoted to these three strokes. More advanced pupils received instruction in the crawl and trudgeon. As time permitted and the individual initiative demanded, coaching in the intricacies of the various strokes, included the strenuous butterfly, for those for competitively oriented campers.

Special swims occupied much of our "spare" time. This individual tutoring added greatly to the rapid rate of advancement displayed by most of the camp.

An extensive schedule of beating, surfing, sailing, and canoeing complemented our swimming program. Lectures in boating and intermittent tips on surfing made these activities more meaningful. Individual lessons in canoeing insured competence and safety in the craft.
In maintaining an atmosphere of complete safety, Hutch and Dan were assisted by Richard Freiman, Mike Markel, and David Kessler. These three boys were suitably rewarded for their help during the general swims and instructions with the certification as Water Safety Aides.

Completing the teaching schedule are the courses in Junior Lifesaving and Senior Lifesaving. Taught by Dan Brent, the courses provide trained personnel at two levels. The Junior Life Savers emerged trained to insure their own safety in any aquatic situation. The Senior Life Savers emerge certified to be competent in all phases of water safety. They are eligible to work at almost any public beach or pool in the country. Then they are nationally recognized for their knowledge and skill.

May we express our thanks to you for a gratifying and stimulating season. Also may we congratulate all our campers for their progress, and thank them for their cooperation.Shipping our oars and furling our sails for the year 1964, may we wish you all a most pleasant and educational year. May you grow as much throughout the year as he did this summer. Again, thank you for much.

Dan Brent and Hutch Eisen