During the past three years at Ranger the caliber of tennis has improved greatly. The norm usually consists of a few very good players, a number who are mediocre and a plurality of poor players. However, this year there are definitely many more good players than usual. Naturally this created a situation of healthy competition.

Consequently, the tennis ladder, in all these divisions were closely contested. The Inter ladder was won by Steve Brooks with Kenny Marek second. In the Lower Senior division, Eddie Kagan finished first while Steve Gordon was the runner-up. Finally, in the senior division, Steve Tumin finished on top with Bobby Jampol right behind. The winners in each division showed improvement over the last year.

This summer the courts have been resurfaced. The bumps and cracks have been eliminated and the new green surface gives a true bounce. As a result, the game is much quicker and tennis has become more enjoyable. On August ninth, Eli Epstein, the tennis pro at Grossingers, made his annual visit to Camp Ranger. Eli's instruction is always welcome since it is very clear and Mr. Epstein conducts contests for a group of girls and boys. The winners were determined by their skill, form, and playing ability. In the girl's contest, Gail Brooks won the trophy, besting four other girls. In the boys division, David Conrad won the trophy but only after an exciting playoff between he and Mike Berey, the runner-up.

In the exhibition match that followed, Linda, the girls tennis counselor, and myself, teamed up to face Eli and Irv Tobin. Our opponents managed to win the first game. We won the second game on my service. Then Dick Lerer replaced the aging Irv Tobin. This substitution however, did not help matters any, as the two tennis counselors won the third game quickly. Thus ended another exciting day with Eli Epstein.

At the time of this writing, Ranger Cup is just getting underway. Unfortunately the results are not available.

Mike Colin