The publication of this newspaper signals the end of yet another season at Ranger. It is with a tear in the eye, and a sigh of the heart that we must all leave camp not to return for some forty-four weeks. We leave, however, much richer than when we came.
Eight weeks at Ranger mean more than just an escape from the hot city. They are eight weeks of friendship, spirit, sports, and loyalty. What we receive at camp to is worth more than anything that we might pay for or buy. The most precious gift is that a friendship. At Ranger, the friendships made are strong and lasting. It is these friendships that will last a lifetime and bring to each of us enduring memories for the years to come.

Editor: Barry Wiener

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all of those people who worked so hard and long to make this paper possible: Tommy Hess, Nancy Grossman, and Isabel Cooper who gave of their free time so unselfishly and so willingly; Jeff Bloom who untiringly gave of himself and his skills; and Howie Greenberg without who each page would be dark and drab. To all of you, my heartfelt thanks and my deep appreciation.


Editor in Chief..... Barry Wiener
Art Editor.......... Howie Greenberg
Mimeographer........ Jeff Bloom
Typists............. Tom Hess, Nancy Grossman, Isabel Cooper