On August 17, Camp Ranger had loads of fun when the campers tried to fill the counselors shoes. Most, if not all of the activities were co-ed. There was an egg-toss contest, a Sadie Hawkins race, and a co-ed swim in the afternoon. The day turned out to be a smashing success. It was nothing short of being great and both the campers and the counselors seemed to be in the full spirit of the day.

Preparations for the special day began on Sunday night with a Ranger Convention highlighted with speeches, laughter, and an all around good time. Following the noise and tumult of the convention, elections were held. The results of the closely contested elections were announced the next morning. The winners immediately took full control over all of the camp activities. Both the morning and the afternoon were filled with new, exciting, and co-ed activities.
As the day moved on, the campers who had risen to the ranks of "counselors", were beginning to get the feel of their new job. I am sure that when all was done the campers-become-counselors new what it was like to be a counselor at camp.

The day, even though it was run by the campers themselves, was a very organized one. Each one of the lower bunks on boys side, had one counselor from its own bunk and another counselor from an older bunk. In bunks fifteen on up both counselors in the bunk were from that bunk. Each counselor took the place of the camper that took over for him. This switch also produced many laughs and much fun. The girls camper organized their day a little different than did the boys. In the lower bunks there were no older campers acting as counselors. Aside from this basic difference, Camper Counselor Day was organized much the same on girls side as on boys side.

We hope that in coming years Camper Counselor Day will be as much fun as it was this year.

Susan Falk & Susan Kaplan

The following is a list of those boys and girls that were elected by their respective camps to fill the positions of the waterfront staff, the group leaders, head counselors, camp mothers, and so on:


Head Counselor-Bobby Kahn
Head Waterfront-Richard Frieman
Assistant Waterfront-Andy Steele
Senior G.L.-Sandy Lederman
Lower Senior G.L.-Dave Kantorowitz
Inter G.L.-Louis Shrier
Junio G.L.-Richard Gilbert
Camp Father-Richard Marks
Arts & Crafts-Manny Bloom
Music Counselor-Ben Mandell


Head Counselor-Barbara Flamm
Assistant Head Counselor-Sue Falk
Head Waterfront-Donna Sellinger
Assistant Waterfront-Sue Klausner
Senior G.L.-Felicia Levine
Deb Teen G.L.-Robin Cohen
Inter G.L.-Amy Marks
Camp Mother-Linda Tobin
Arts & Crafts-Marion Swerdlow