Eddie Bloom led the field at the end of the first round by seven strokes over his nearest rival, Larry Klepner. Early and the second round Klepner made his bid for the title when he came within three strokes of the leader. From this point on, however, Bloom played very well and gradually widened his margin to the same point it had been at the start of the day. Joel Kramer finished after a shaky start, and proved himself a fine golfer even though he did start out rather slowly. The highlight of the tournament came early in the second round when Klepner got a par 3 on the 117 yard 2nd hole; the only par in his division throughout the tournament.


1. Eddie Bloom
2. Larry Klepner
3. Joel Kramer
4. Richard Reider
5. Stan Cohen
6. Alan Friedman
This concludes the 1964 edition of the "Nineteenth Hole." Birdies for all in 1965

Mike Sohn and John Hess

Do you want to know how to make the entire boy's camp love you? It's easy! All you have to do is have an irresistible smile, sparkling blue eyes, and be three years old. That's Cindy Lerer's secret of success. She and her sister Beth have managed to captivate the heart of each and every Ranger boy. No one has been able to resist the urge to cuddle Beth or cheer Cindy on as she clowns on the trampoline.
I have spent my summer with Cindy and Beth, and enjoyed activities such as swimming, go-carting, roller skating, and trips to the Circus with them. Now as the season draws to a close, the two youngest Ranger Girls, and one slightly older one, can pack their trunks with many memories of the wonderful experiences of this summer at camp.

Sue Marek