The Ranger Guitar Program for this summer was a six stringed success. The camp rented several guitars which were loaned to the campers taking lessons. Besides group practice sessions, all interested students received private instructions from the guitar counselors. We will have a true test of the 1964 guitar program when many campers return to Ranger next summer with their own guitars.

by Lolly Podos

Well, this year had plenty of wear and tear on shoe leather. At least once a twice a week, Ranger had some form of dancing activity, be it square dancing, or American or Israeli folk dancing. Most everyone has enjoyed the fun of doing old, traditional folk dances as well as the newer ones. The favorite number seemed to be "Steppin' Out" followed by the "Salty Dog Rag" and the "Jesse Polka." In our foreign dance department, everyone participates in "Hine Matov" and the "Misirloo." Our program is wide and varied, from the "Fruge" to the "Hokey Pokey." We hope that next summer will be as successful and enjoyable as this toe-tapping year. Have a good winter.......

Stephie Morgenstern
Gail Rosenblatt