The Juniors and Sophomores were treated to a wonderful afternoon at the Circus. Held in Livingston Manor, the Circus boasted of three rings like the famous Ringling Brothers Show. After a short but noisy bus ride, we all were very eager to see the performers. And disappointed we weren't. Everything that the boys and girls wanted was present; from the lady on the high trapeze and the flame throwing juggler to the dancing horses and the parading elephants. Of course, there were the clowns who always kept the youngsters smiling. By the end of the afternoon, it was apparent that the trip was a complete success. The counselors, however, have slight suspicions that the ices, hot dogs, cokes, cotton candy, and souvenirs were partly responsible for making the Circus so enjoyable for the children.

Bob Glassman

With the clash of a cymbal, and the beat of a drum, the 1964 Ranger Carnival began. Boys and girls walked under the Ranger Bigtop, and discussed the many thrills and attractions of one of the most exciting annual events.
Dart the Salami, Douse the Louse, Sink the Fink, and Ping String were among the most frequented and most popular booths. At this year's carnival one could shave the Balloon, Test your strength, and get married.
As the day when on, a lovely couple managed to find time to attend the most exciting social event of the year. As clowns, Miss Wang and Mr. Frishman, were unparalleled. When they arrived, the carnival had really begun. They conveyed their exuberant spirit to all the carnival goers and made the day just a little brighter and much more exciting.
As if the carnival wasn't enough for one day, a space man landed on the dining hall roof, and announced the beginning of



Bobby Paulen