The date was August fourth,
The place was Ranger Camp,
The sun was shining faintly,
And the ground was kind of damp.

We walked up to the buses
and put our things inside,
We settled in our seats there,
Already for the ride.

We rode on for three hours,
Until we stop to eat.
There we ate our sandwiches,
with cookies as a treat.

After two short hours,
We ended our trip,
And change clothes at the Yorktowne,
For a cool refreshing dip.

At four we returned
And are ready to dine,
Then out to the movies for a real
hep time.

The following morning,
Reminded us of school.
We saw the Red Brick Schoolhouse,
Complete with golden rule.

Next we saw the electric map,
And the wax museum.
Both were fab, and I am sure,
That you'd be glad to see 'em.

We then ate lunch at Gettysburg,
After which we saw,
The battlefield and other sights,
From the Civil War.

On our way back to the Yorktowne,
To satisfy our whim,
We stopped to have some ice-cream,
And then a nice cool swim.

That nights entertainment was bowling,
Boy! That was neat,
Pizza and coke for everyone,
Made the night complete.