This year, those interested were treated to the New York Knicks Basketball Team. Three members of the team came to spend an entire day with us. They were Tom Hoover, Willis Reed, and Art Heyman.
The Knicks held a clinic for all those who wished to improve their basketball skills. After the clinic, a contest was held to determine the campers most competent in the various aspects of ball handling, shooting, and dribbling. The winners of these contests were awarded certificates of achievement, which were signed by the three visiting Knicks.
Not only did the Knicks spend the morning and the afternoon with the campers, they also ate with different boys bunks for the three meals that they were here for. This gave nine different bunks the exciting opportunity of eating a meal with a basketball star, and discussing with him the various aspects of the game.
Later the same day, films of the various NBA teams in action were shown to the boys camp. Following the films, there was a question and answer period that prove to be very interesting and very informative.
The "Day with the Knicks" proved to be one of the highlights of the camp season.

Steve Lang

This season, girls camp introduced a new an exciting way of competition, the Ivy League. Four leading girl's colleges were chosen for the titles of each team. The teams were Vassar, Smith, Wellesley, and Radcliffe.
The activities were comprised of a combination of athletic and singing events. At the end of each activity, the scores were announced to that the campers could follow the standings of the teams.
The Ivy League created much spirit and enthusiasm amongst the campers and the counselors. Each new activity was an event in itself and gave the second, third, and fourth place teams renewed hope for a final victory.
Towards the end of the season, the winning team at a huge watermelon to divide amongst themselves.
The Ivy League proved to be a most fruitful and exciting experience. It added much more color and excitement to camp life.

Ellen Schnitt