Many years have passed since the Jewish tradition first began. Here at Ranger, this tradition is carried out with the reverence and the loveit deserves. Every Friday night and Saturday morning a special kind of activity takes place. It is a time when everyone can gather their thoughts and think of all the wonderful things they have and the health they enjoy.

There were many people who helped with services this year. A special note of thanks must go to Ira Liebowitz and Sandy Berman for their cantorial leadership. At this time I would like to wish all of you a happy and healthy New Year.


What Does Camp Ranger Mean
To You

Campus green,
Skies of blue,
What does Camp Ranger mean to you?

The sounds you hear on fields each day,
Shining faces,
Everything gay.

The silver lake,
So still and clean,
Everything's wonderful at this campsite scene.

Gail C. Grossman and
Gail Grossman

The Blazing Fire

As I sit around the blazing fire,
And sparkling flames grow higher and higher.
In the dark quiet of the night,
Bright shining faces glow with delight.
The cool night air and stars above,
This is part of Ranger that I love.

Gail Grossman