by Howie Kerner

With Cliff Ross as master of ceremonies, the inter boys boisterously opened the 1962 Aqua Show by getting out of the water to spell out "Aqua-Frolics" on their bathing suits. It was a very quaint idea and the audience enjoyed it immensely.
Following up this display, the senior girls swam around in many interesting designs set to music. The waiters, aided by Larry Schnitt, demonstrated the art of rescuing an overturned canoe and its passengers using the canoe-on-canoe approach.
Continuing the afternoon's enjoyment, Donna Conrad swam to the raft and demonstrated various diving skills, receiving a round of applause for her back flip finale.
To complete the events, the lower senior boys and their girl counterparts swam together in a number of interesting formations. Larry Schnitt, Cliff Ross and Jerry Luxemberg deserve most of the credit for this very enjoyable show.

With a corral set up on the baseball diamond, riding counselor Sammy Perlow put on a splendid horse show before both camps August 19. Using small groups of boys and girls, he had them ride around the corral several times at various paces. The results of the judging for best horsemanship in the different classes follow:

1 1st Amy Marks Harlan Kosson
2nd Laurie Schwartz Harvey Cohen
" Sue Ellen Kosson Joel Halpern
3rd Carole Weidman Wayne Lacks
" Kathy Isaacs Steven Fallis
2 1st Donna Conrad Steve Lipsky
" Sue Falk
2nd Nancy Kaplan Andy Domenitz
3rd Lois Marks Neal Fallis
" Dara Rosenblatt
3 1st Gail Grossman Steve Tumin
2nd Gerri Weisbrot Les Snyder
3rd Sara Levine Dave Conrad
" Leslie Heller Ralph Knoph
4 1st Renee Samuels Alan Lazaroff
" Robert Goldman
2nd Sue Rothstein Richie Gilbert
" Kenny Marek
3rd Eileen Habib
" Rebecca Weidman
5 1st Nancy Wasserstrom
2nd Barbara Flamm
" Carole Hochman

Nancy Krugler & Jackie Drimer