Dear Campers and Counselors,

Once again summer has gone and farewells have to be said. It has been a happy one with so many lasting memories to be stored away for the cold winter months, finding joy in remembering the fun you had and the friends you made at Ranger.
I'll take this opportunity to say "so long" and wish you all a happy, healthy New Year.



To the Ranger Girls:

With each year as you grow
For you my love I'll always know
May this year bring you health and cheer
And Ranger see you back next year.


Some Poetry from DR. SANDBERG:

Look there, you little one there's rocks.
Iodine, mercurochrome and bandaid you'll mend.

The moon fell in the lake and got a red ear
Nose drops.

Under my window Mononucleosis passes.

Colors clash by day and cry for victory.
The cost is measured and pyrobenzamine proves puny.

This year the roast beef, believe me, was guileless.
Watch the BALL (or wear tongue blades).
Bravo Campers!
We always knew you'd make it.