Me feels myself drowsy-
When alas and alack
The counselors start coming
Back from the track.

"Oh tell me deer counselors, do you come to relieve me?
'Cause the men in white coats may soon have to retrieve me.
These children have tried every trick to deceive me.
Please check in-I'm tired-
Why won't you believe me?"

The counselors have wandered, at last to their porches
The beer from Vera's has filled up their zorches.

Wearily, wobbly, bunk-ward I treck.
To answer with sleep, my lumpy bed's beck.
There's only one thing left to say
There's O.D. again on Saturday!

by Bunk 20

Once upon a midnight dreary,
A thirsty O.D., weak and weary,
In her neglig of silk,
Hunted in the darkness for chocolate milk.
Alas, her throat was parched and dry,
Why was it missing, oh why, oh why?
While in the midst of confusion,
Bunk 20 created this illusion.
Open windows - chair beneath - missing light bulbs - out of reach.
Garbage sprawled all over the floor-
Hidden flashlights - plus more and more.
Then out of the night -
Our counselor returned
From 2 girls planted behind, she learned.
"A raid has been pulled,
They're not in their beds.
And she ran round the campus,
Like a chicken without a head.
So out of the closet came a muffled roar,
As headed for their beds the campers' galore.
The door opened, and Deena did appear
Flashlights shining she yelled,
"They're all here!"
Back to the closet like thunder and rain
Sandy came in --
All thought she was insane.
Begone with you all
said Sandy with glee.
She locked the doors and windows, and threw away the key.
The girls all creeped under their blankets and quilts,
But still what happened to the chocolate milks?
The moral of the story -
As we did see -
We had to wake up
Before reveille.