by Laurie Schwartz and Natti Fagin

On Wednesday, August 15, Bunks Nine and Ten went on an overnight trip to Howe Caverns. We all boarded the bus and in four hours we were there.
The Caverns were beautiful rock formations. At the Caverns we went swimming. From there we went to the Hotel Augustan. That night we went to the movies and saw "Fanny."
The next day, we went to Cooperstown. There we saw the Farmers Museum and the Baseball Hall of Fame. It was really one experience we will never forget.

by David Kessler & Mel Gurtov

Buses carrying singing campers from Ranger could this season be observed on major highways throughout the northeast. As is customary here, every camper group traveled somewhere and saw something interesting, exciting and new to them.
First to depart for the outer reaches of New England were the lower senior boys and senior girls, headed for the Thousand Islands. Upon getting there, they unpacked, shopped for souvenirs, and had time for bowling in the evening. Next day, the group toward the islands by boat, seeing the Thousand Islands Bridge, Heart Islands and Boldt Castle. Islands big and small were everywhere. The following day found the campers in Canada at the Revolutionary War stronghold, Fort Henry. There they saw relics of the fighting days, cannons, the soldiers' barracks and many other very interesting and informative sites. The day ended with another shopping tour and a movie. The boys and girls spend the third and final day at Syracuse University on the way back to camp, visiting the beautiful campus as well as the city. All agreed it was three days well spent and enjoyed.
Following up the trip north, the senior boys and girls took off for a three-day excursion of their own to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, site of the well-known Civil War battle that may well have decided that struggle. There they toured the battle-scarred field, receiving a detailed description of every phase of the North-South duel, and left the area feeling that they had practically lived through everything from Pickett's abortive charge to Lee's retreat.
Two weeks later, the inter and junior boys and the deb and teener girls departed for Howe Caverns and Cooperstown. The first of this two-day mission was spent at the caverns, where the group learned to distinguish between stalagmites, stalactites and flow stones while traversing the winding cavern bottom. After an overnight stay at Cobleskill, they moved on to Cooperstown, home of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and the Farmers Museum.